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[at-l] Grayson Highlands

I was recently (1994, 1996) in the Grayson Highlands area.
Off hand, which is what you asked for, I'd say it is about a mile to
Rhododendron Gap, uphill, then another couple or so to Thomas Knob,
along the ridge.  Less than 4 miles to the shelter from the parking lot.
(when you go back to Massie Gap, it will be uphill, too.  at least, it
was in my day).  Having just read Ken's response, I guess I hike faster,
which is why our mileages differ.

Stated with curmudgeon-like authority all the way from CO.

Ke kaahawe

Felix writ:
Does anybody know off hand how far it is from the parking
lot at Grayson Highlands (Massie Gap) to the summit of that mountain
right there? (Rhododendron Gap?) And, from the parking lot to Thomas
Knob S. ? If so, will you tell me? (this sounds like it is right up
woodelf's alley)

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