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Dental problems on the Trail (was) RE: [at-l] OT: Aigh!

While on the trail, I bit down on a pecan meat and it still had a hard shell
piece still attached.  I said a few words the were appropriate to the BLUE
ridge country.

After this thread, I began wondering what remedies there are besides
carrying one of those dental emergency kits.

I know that most trail sites are not too far from a dentist, and you can
into town to one -- if you can find one open and one that is reasonable.
But any dental problem can turn even two feet into "too far".  Imagine
stumbling down the trail to the tune of ")(&)*&^^$!!!?".

And are the kits worth carrying.

And what about temporary relief when you have a long way to go to the
nearest dentist?  Or you have to tent for the night?  Or if you are within
one day from finishing the AT?

William The Snaggle Tooth Turtle