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[at-l] Help with Springer

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In a message dated 10/28/02 12:24:51 PM Eastern Standard Time,
atted@tampabay.rr.com writes:

> Just called Amicaloa Lodge.  They only have a few accommodations left on
> 2/28 with a two day $69 per night minimum.
> We, my wife and I, are arriving on 2/28, my wife is headed home on the
> morning of 3/1, after my start.
> Don't want to do the Hike Inn thing.  Is there lodging/restaurant/bar
> outside of park.  Not doing the Access trail.   Want a relaxing evening,
> followed by a nice hearty breakfast, then set off on the AT.

Blairsville is where I based in October last year and March of this year.  A
couple of reasonable motels in town, lots of food options and a pretty easy
drive up to the trailhead.

Outside the park you either turn left and go 20 miles to Dahlonega (sp) or
right and go 20 miles to Blairsville.  Only thing on the road to Blairsville
I remember is the convenience store where Red got us lost heading to the
trailhead.  <VBG>  Haven't been south on the road so I can't tell you what's
that way.