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OT : Sugar (was) RE: [at-l] Eggs

Several years back I remember reading an article about sugar being in
everything.  One of the reasons is that sugar is addictive.  And so, you BUY
food that has sugar in it.


William, The Librarian Turtle

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I too remember "leaving things out" all the time.  We never worried too much
about things making us sick.  I think Bushwacker is onto something about
"processed foods" and that is that almost all foods nowadays have added
sugar.  I'm no expert on disease or how things get spoiled but my guess is
that the added sugar *has* to be a contributor.


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The egg discussion brings up fond memories of my younger days.  (Not the
practical joking)

My grandparents and great grandparents were minimalists in their prime and
later years.  I can still remember baskets of eggs on the kitchen counter,
fried fatback sitting out, the same for butter.  I still recall sandwiches
being wrapped in waxed paper and placed in paper bags.  No heavy use of
ziploc's or coolers when they went out into the woods.

It makes you wonder - as technology advances - how much of it do we really
need?  I'm not knocking it but I don't remember getting seriously ill from
eating at my relative's place . . . nor did we ever hear of them getting
sick from their cooking/eating practices.  Is it maybe that the "processed
foods" that we depend on more these days are manufactured less "soundly"
than they were back then?

How much of the older ways are still applicable today? . . . more than eggs
on the counter, I'm sure.

May be time to thumb through a few Foxfire books.