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[at-l] Still not dead.....

Just wanted to say a quick hello to old friends out there.  Just got back t=
Hanover after summitting Katahdin on the 11th, and spending last weekend at
the ALDHA Gathering in West Virginia.  Looking forward very much to a bit o=

Am glad to be back on the list, it seems I've missed a good deal, including
some fireworks amongst ourselves and some recent nonsense from a dear old
friend in the Atlanta area.   Hmmmm, maybe I should go back to the woods.

Anyway, hoping to take part in some of the more useful discussions;
especially, as always, helping with folks actually planning their first tri=
who have specific questions, problems, whatever.  This a great place for
these guys to get specific answers to specific questions and I hope we see =
lot of them this fall and winter.

Lastly, thanx for the folks who sent suggestions with my problem in
re-subscribing.  Getting away from computers for six and a half months seem=
to have affected my ability to operate them, as well as the ability to read
the perfectly simple and thorough instructions supplied by List
administration.  Of, and forgetting my password didn't help matters either.
In any case, finally figured things out; thanx again to those who helped me
raise my reading comprehension to the 2nd grade level, which is all that wa=
really necessary for me to solve my problems with re-subscription.

                   Well.  All for now.  Glad to be back, and I hope this
finds my old friends here (Both of em!) happy and well.


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