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[at-l] Re: Anesthesia and redheads

On Sunday, October 20, 2002, at 03:06 PM, DTimm65344@aol.com wrote:

> Amy -
> Saw a local news story the other day and immediately thought of you.
> You
> need to quit injuring yourself (breaking stuff and concussions and
> such).
> Apparently a recent medical study concluded that redheads are more
> difficult
> to anesthetize than other folks. <g>

I generally turn down anesthesia unless abdominal surgery is
involved.  No worries.  :)

And hey, I haven't hurt myself in over two months!  Or.. maybe that's
almost two months.  I can't remember.

I did a really beautiful hike with a younger and more nimble friend
last weekend.  Despite the slippery conditions, she was like
a gazelle, speeding down the trail.  Except the numerous times
she fell.. no fear in that girl.  I, on the other hand, walked at a
deliberate pace and didn't fall.  I'm in favor of not falling
and not breaking anything.