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OT - flamers are smoking {Was Re: Re[4]: [at-l] Whites Incident & Cell Phone}

Weary, sigh.

The most important "if" was the "If  I read the report correctly, the
victim called in a rescue request for himself by cell phone and was
waiting for rescuers." This premise was either an invention or an
incredible misinterpretation, not found in any reports of this man's
death and the valor of those attempting to rescue him. From the distant
land of Florida, RnR detected cell phones, a conscious decision by the
victim to call emergency services and a decision to sit and
cooperatively await rescue without any cognitive or motor skill

You contribute more inventions or misinterpretations regarding suicide
or depression. I specifically responded to the question of depression
and repeated the lack of evidence / probability of suicide given the
available reports. There are far more simpler explanations for his
death. There are no reasons to include the stigma of psychiatric
illness as a distraction. You even responded to that message regarding
the life transitions many hikers have as motivations for their
endeavour, such as his spouse's death.

RnR suggested, posited, claimed, misinterpreted or whatever the death
of negligent slackpacking cell phone user. Instead of a soap box, RnR
climbed upon a hiker's corpse for yet another troll regarding certain
practices in violation of a brand of purism. RnR's behavior earns
outrage as it shows severe disrespect for the victim and the heroes of
this tragedy. This earns outrage as it moves valid discussion of
hypothermia and resuscitation of injured hikers off the board while we
discuss yet another unique misperception by RnR. And now, we get to
discuss your distortion of discussion of injury and rescue as
"speculation" of totally unrelated illnesses.

I really do not care what is wrong with RnR or you, as that is
certainly off topic. I do care about these efforts to hijack the topic
of backcountry injuries, illnesses and first response. I hate read the
prolonged oblivious trolls.


--- "Bob C." <ellen@clinic.net> wrote:
> I hate to prolong the obvious, but since TJ persists:
>  It's  my  contention  that this message doesn't warrant all the
> scorn heaped on RnR,  especially in comparison with other listers
> who have speculated, based on no facts whatsoever, that the man may
> have committed suicide or was a victim of depression. Please note
> that no less than five of RnR's 8 or 9 paragraphs begin
>  with "If." And one begins with "perhaps"
>  It  was  and is my advice that everyone, including RnR, should stop
> speculating about  the  cause  of this death at least until we have
> more than facts than we have  now.  The  official  AMC  analysis will
> be printed in a biannual issue of Appalachia, probably in the Dec. 15
> issue.

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