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Re[2]: [at-l] alcohol stove

Quite correct, but the hottest part is not necessarily the most efficient
use of the flame, unless your intent is to melt a hole in your pot. I
finally constructed the pot stand without any further testing because I had
an upcoming presentation that I needed it for.

The resultant height was determined for pragmatic reasons, I wanted
everything to nest within the cook set which meant my titanium cup had to
either fit inside the stand or the stand had to fit inside the cup. I
decided the former arrangement would provide a more stable base. The height
of the stand is three inches. Please note that none of my previous tests had
been run at that high of a level above the stove.

The first test run using the new stand boiled 2 cups of water in the Titan
Kettle with the lid on in a little over three minutes. For reasons of
modesty, I am claiming a four minute boil. Nobody is likely to believe me if
I go around saying I can boil water on an alcohol stove faster than a

There is of course a downside. Fuel consumption rises as the stand height
rises. Fuel ran out just over four minutes into the test. Compare that to
1/2 inch above the burner, 8 minutes to boil and fifteen minutes burn time.

The stove stand is expanded steel mesh. A gutter downspout strainer from the
local hardware store. I had serious fears of it melting, it was glowing red
hot. In fact the Aluminum version did melt - rather quickly.

As another lister pointed out in response to the original query, not only
does the height of the pot above the flame matter, but so does the width of
the pot and the shape of the pot. Ideally, the flame should just lick around
and up the edge of the pot while maintaining contact with the sidewall of
the pot for more efficient heat transfer.

None of the tests so far have utilized a windscreen. I expect that will only
further enhance the performance.

Lee I Joe

Once I knew where I was going, but now I have  forgotten.  Sometimes my mind
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isn't one of those times...

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> On  a  bunsen  burner,  propane torch or alcohol torch, if I
> remember right, the
> hottest  part  of the flame is the tip of the blue portion of
> the flame, not the
> top  of  the  yellow  portion.  I  suspect the same is true
> of an alcohol stove,
> though the distinction is more difficult to discern.
> Weary