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[at-l] Helping a newbie UPDATE

> Oh yeah, so what's the latest update on your friends
> progression to being a thru-hiker?

Skeeter inquired about Bob, the friend I am 'training' to hike the AT in
'03, and I realized that I hadn't posted an update for awhile.

Bob made rapid and steady progress both in his skill level and mental
preparedness.  I have a lot of work to do to update the website with his
progress.  <www.theplacewithnoname.com/hiking>

Unfortunately, his wife has developed a degenerative illness and all plans
are questionable.  Depending on their situation, he may have to abort for
next year - but there is still time to make that decision.  We plan to take
some more weekend trips shortly, but even that has to be examined week by

He may still be able to start in '03, but if his wife's condition worsens he
will not.  Even if he does start, he will have a great weight on his mind,
and may have to come off the trail from time to time to take care of things
at home.