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[at-l] Art Loeb Trail

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I use the National Geographic topo for Pisgah National Forest.  Far better
than the cheasy map you get at the Ranger station (in my view).

I did the southern portion of the trail last year and the northern part last
week.  The southern section has a couple of shelters, but I camped well off
trail with the bobcats and owls as company.

If this rain clears up and my heel heals I may be heading back out within
the next week or so.

Incidentally re: the horses, are you going to the NC Fair this week?  A guy
I work with started riding and bought some champion quarter horse or other
and is going to be riding it there tomorrow (or today?)


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Thanks for all the great Art Loeb Trail stories, pics and info. Got me
double-psyched. Anyone know where to get a map in advance?
I think a date with Art is in my very near future. My god, what a stunning
Will report back, when I do,

DanandGailSC@aol.com wrote:

> Gutsy (Gail) and I hiked the Art Loeb Trail in Nov. 1995, accompanied by
> Tagliapietra, author of The Southern Sixers, a great book for peak
    	Jan Leitschuh Sporthorses Ltd.