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[at-l] (Guest Post) Good dates for hiking northern part ofA.T.

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>My wife and I are thinking of hiking from around Pennsylvania to
>Maine.  Would it be better to hike in May/June or July/August?   We're not
>looking for a lot of cold weather and we're not familier with northeast
>weather.  Any help would be appreciated.

There are advantages/disadvantages either way.

May/June might be more pleasant weather, a bit cooler,
streams and springs more reliable, but also more rain,
more chance of boggy trail, and more bugs.

July/August: generally hotter, springs and streams less
reliable, trail drier, fewer bugs.

One of the reasons that SOBO hikers start later than
NOBOs is the bugs in Maine.  It's not just the weather
or the snow on the ground.

I'm not familiar with the trail in PA, but fairly familiar
with the trail from MA on up to Katahdin.  I generally
don't consider hikes in the Whites until June or so.

I've seen deep snow in the Whites on Memorial day
(end of May.)

rafe b.
aka terrapin

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