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[at-l] Report from Katahdin.

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 A huge crowd of GAMErs at Baxter the last few days. Baltimore Jack will
summit tomorrow, 23 climbed yesterday, 20+ were camped across from the Abol
Bridge Store each of the last few nights. Most of them are apparently trying
to drink up every last can of Linda's beer. Saw that Weather Carrot signed in
at one of the registers (Hi WC, congrats on your thru!)
 Tuesday night it hit 23 at Katahdin Stream Campground (flashing red-orange
aurora at 3-3:30 AM), very frosty morning, warmed up to 50 at noon and 26
last night. Snowed for a bit Wednesday afternoon. I climbed the icy AT to
Thoreau Spring -frozen solid - and came back down the Abol Slide trail.
Wicked cold, constant gusting wind, some of the smaller climbers were having
a very tough time of it.
 Five or six flip floppers are headed into the wilderness, they won't make it
to the Kennebec before The Ferryman hangs up the paddles on the 15th. Poor
planning on their part, in my opinion.
 No new news on Sunrise & Sunset, yes she broke her arm, but they're behind
this bubble if they're still on the trail.
 More on Jack - he's doing great, having a good time, he's heading south
soon, and promises to make it to the Gathering in time for his seminar.
 Copied down many trail names from the last register on the Ranger's porch,
will post them soon.