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Lamar's [at-l] gear report

 Hey Lamar,
     Thanks for the acclades.  I did think about the four loops with weight
pulling down the back and opening the top.  I just was so focused on getting
the pack operating in time for your trail maintance trip that I didn't take
the time to process the solution.  Bring the thing back and I can add your
quick relase solution fairely easily.  Thanks for solving that for me.  My
next pack will definetly incorperate this into it's design.   BTW way your
pack is still a pear shaped thing in the front only the back is not pear
shaped.  This does do the job of saving the loft in the sleeping bag.
    Would you like a stuff sack thingy for the pack to use as a  make shift
pillow. I think on the top cover that I could add a pocket for doing this so
the stuff sack would be attached making it less of a nusance to keep track
    So you weighed it.  Not bad twenty oucnes for something that can handle
heavier loads for trail maintance.
      Were you satisfied with the slightly heavier and more durable bottem?
For all you folks interested I found an old comupter bag at a thirft shop I
made this from.  Water proof and plenty strong.  IT cost only fifty cents. I
did and do think the outside pockets need to be made of something more
resilliant to snaggs.  My daughter found the solution for me after your pack
was made.  She said go to a scuba shop and buy  a scuba gearsack.  Why
didn't I think of that!
      As for the suspension.  I used a piece of the two inch webbing across
the width of the bag and sewed the shoulder straps onto that.  Simple.  The
 original G-4 had the straps sewed to the fabric with some sort of extra
fabric backing ??on the pack which needed a bit more support for the extra
trail maintance weight .
      Did you manage to put the full length therama rest into the back
pocket?   I have a 3/4 and tried that one but wasen't
sure your full length would fit. You know I could add a pocket for a water
system too inside the therma rest pocket.  You said no thankx to the water
pocket  Oh well,  I did it your way as it's your pack.
     I do hope to attend the GA ruck this year.      Orange Bug do you have
the dates and place yet?  Are you the man at the helm for this?  Has any
body thought of using Cloudland Canyon for a GA Ruck?  There some cabins but
no hotel.
PS Did you use the matching tarp too?.  It was a fluke to find that fabric
so cheap..  Total cost was about 15 dollars for tarp and pack.  My time,
well chalk that up to the learning curve.