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[at-l] alcohol stove

the best stand so far that i've used or seen is the one Chase & Woodelf had
us make a couple Rucks ago..  made out of the hardware mesh wire stuff.  you
make a tube the height you want to raise your pot.  you can even put a
circle of mesh inside the tube to hold esbits - i think it also gives some
stability.  I love mine, its just the right height. and width to hold my pot
and also fit inside my pot.


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Bill, I am impressed with the Tin Can Man's stove also.  My son and I played
around with a 1# coffee can to make a stand and direct most of the flame to
the bottom of the pan.

On my last hiking trip, and this has nothing to do with the stove, I learned
not to hold my coffee cup and pour boiling water in it.

 I am impressed how the Tin
Can Man's stove works as well as tightly sealed stoves minus the height
of the flame.