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[at-l] Down bags. Again.

I just looked at their website.

do you have any experience with their high-tech shells?  EPIC, and,

also, what do you mean when you said 800 fill "cost a lot more"?  how much
more? they say $8 per oz.  just how many ounces did you have to buy?


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> as an fyi - if you get your down bag from somewhere like Feathered
Friends -
> you get to pick the down fill you want, and you can taylor the length to
> your exact height.  I was able to bump up my 10 degree bag to an 800 fill.
> Cost a lot more, but I think it was worth it... the loft was amazing!  oh
> comfy and it has worn well w/ age - even tho my mother stuffed it into its
> sack and left it there for 3 months when she was trying to be helpfull