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[at-l] Down bags. Again.

as an fyi - if you get your down bag from somewhere like Feathered Friends -
you get to pick the down fill you want, and you can taylor the length to
your exact height.  I was able to bump up my 10 degree bag to an 800 fill.
Cost a lot more, but I think it was worth it... the loft was amazing!  oh so
comfy and it has worn well w/ age - even tho my mother stuffed it into its
sack and left it there for 3 months when she was trying to be helpfull  ;-(


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I too am currently looking to buy a new down bag (for fall/winter outings.)
This is straight from Backpacker's Gear Guide.....the numerical rating
between 550 and 850 expresses the quality of the down used for fill.  Higher
numbers mean more loft and more insulation for the same weight, better
compressibility, longer durability, and higher prices (for sure!)
0-9 degree bags appear to have an average rating around 600-650 (a few are
-1 to -10 appear to have an average rating around 700-750
I also read somewhere to purchase a bag that is 20 degrees below what you
think you will need. Additionally, mummy bags conserve heat.
I'm still researching ......the prices.....ouch!

 "Billie H. Cleek" wrote: What about down quality? Is there such a thing?
How do I tell what the
quality of down in a given bag is?

On Fri, Oct 04, 2002 at 12:05:05AM -0500, I received a message from t. to
which I felt pleasantly compelled to respond by saying:
> length
> width at shoulders and feet
> temperature rating
> water resistant outer layer.
> a life time guaranty would be nice.
> t.
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> What qualities do you look for when considering a down bag?