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[at-l] Word of the day....

...and, then I gotta go. I shoulda done already been gone.
But, I was feelin' lite-headed....

How 'bout this for the word of the day


Her jeans looked good, but her fly was open.

Yes, her jeans looked good, indeed. No? Okay...how 'bout


Do you care if I put a link on my web page?

 No? Again...

Well, how about this then. Since the Feelmeister is about as
happy as he's ever been...and feelin' good, too...(does it
sound like death is looming around the next bend for the
F-man?)  let's revisit a blast from the past (thanks to Cake
for reminding me)


I'm wishing you all an OUTSTANDING weekend, and what comes
after, too!!!

Of course, you can still use the others as well...

I've been told that Lincoln had an outstanding butterfly

So, I sez to Lulu, I sez...

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"