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[at-l] 10 Years Ago Today

10 years ago today, June 30, 1991,   I finished the Appl. Trail at 4:35
p.m., finishing the trail in 52 days, 9 hours,  and 41 minutes after
starting at Springer Mtn. on May 9.   This set a new speed record for the
A.T.   Pete Palmer completed the trail in 48 days and 20 hours in 1999.  
 Andrew Thompson is even with Pete's record and should finish the trail
on July 7th or 8th possibly breaking Pete's record and mine for sure

My good friend, Mike Sandlin, should complete the trail on July 19th
finishing in just over 65 days.   Andrew and Mike are performing
impressive feats.

I was on the A.T. running today as well and thought what a privilege I
had in doing the trail 10 years ago.   I hope 10, 20, 30, and 40 years
from now that I will still be out on the A.T. enjoying it.

I am blessed 
In Christ
David Horton
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