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[at-l] Off topic Woohooooo

I won!!!!!
I battled the forces of the USGS and won!
For two weeks, (since they upgraded their system)
I have been trying to convince the US Geological Survey
that their Internet site no longer delivered real time data.
They said it was working as designed...
I needed to clear my cache
my ISP was caching
They said they had a problem caused by a power surge but that it was 

Finally.......I just got an e from the guy in DC who said they did have a 
and that they were working on it!

Ten Days ..tendays of keeping logs and sending page captures to try and 
these people that they had a problem.....

Of course if you log into the site, they have a lie plastered up there 
about a system crash
which has nothing to do with what the guy from DC told me

Gawd....victory is sweet.......<VVVBG>