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[at-l] Bug Out Outdoorwear

Steve Landis <sgl17013@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Anyway this one's for the Mainers.  Check out the mesh
> gaitors on the "Successories" page.


I use The Original Bug Shirt from the company of the same name in Canada,
and it's the only way I can go out in the early summer. I've actually taped
my socks over with duct tape so that the dang bugs can't get me through the
material at the joint between pants and shoes.

One July day years ago was so bad, we started the morning with biting flies
that drove us off the beach and onto the water before breakfast, moved into
black flies in the heat of the day who chewed on any exposed flesh, and
ended with mosquitoes so thick that you couldn't focus on anything more than
about 10 inches from your face due to the cloud of bugs in close.

One of the best canoeing days I've ever had though :).

GA>ME 99