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dkireta@earthlink.net wrote:
>Thanks...but I truly wanted to get more detail based on lessons learned
>from long distance hikers.  And then, read between the lines as to how I
>might wish to adjust my current packing requirements (which probably leans 
>toward the high end) to offset for the greater endurance that will be 
>required for the hike.  I'm a pretty flexible guy.  :)

Dave -
On this list most of the answers you'll get to that kind of question will be 
from either thruhikers or long distance section hikers. Mara, Wild Bill and 
Rhymworm are all thruhikers - as are Nina Baxley, Arthur Gaudet, Rhymworm, 
Felix, Rick Boudrie, Jack, Bob Cummings, David Mauldin, Southwalker --- and 
dozens of others  :-)

Page List (Tidbits of information)

The Thruhiking Papers

Adventures of the Spirit Eagle at Glacier National Park

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