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dkireta@earthlink.net writes:

> Thanks...but I truly wanted to get more detail based on lessons learned 
> from long distance hikers.  And then, read between the lines as to how I 
> might wish to adjust my current packing requirements (which probably leans 
> toward the high end) to offset for the greater endurance that will be 
> required 
> for the hike.  I'm a pretty flexible guy.  

It will depend on how long you want to go between resupply. Note I said 
resupply and not mail drops. On my three thru I only used a few mail drops. 
Those where all Fontana Dam.

I went an average about a week between resupply. I used a pack with about 
6,000 CI.

Between a week or more: 6,000 CI
Less then a week but more then 4 days: 4,000 CI 
Less then 4 days: 3,000 CI

This will all depend on they type of food you will be carrying, weigh and 
size of you other gear.

GA to ME 1989 thru-hike
GA to ME to GA 1992-3   Yo-Yo hike

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