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[at-l] bear sacks? urscack versus bear canister

If you are talking about for hiking alond the AT, probably not needed.
This is often discussed on the BackpackingLight e-list, as some western
parks require some bear canister and a few allow the Ursack (new
version this year). 

Around here, folks tend to put their food in stuff sacks and hang on
ropes as a bear bag. In a few shelters, particularly the Smokies, there
are cables installed to make this very easy. 

The important thing is to practice LNT (Leave No Trace) camping to
reduce food for bears and other critters. A bear who gets accustomed to
human food becomes a nuisance bear, and too frequently a dead bear.


--- atboi <atboi@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Bear sacks?  Urscack verus bear canister?  

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