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Re[2]: [at-l] I'm confused...

Just to keep the record straight and to add to these very friendly discussions about the trail,
Wingfoot did not leave after the election. Nor did he say he was going to, immediately at
least. Leaving is scheduled for a later date, after his Mom and Dad depart these earthly environs.

Some of us think that he made that promise in a pique after the election and doesn't really mean it.
But being stubborn, he repeats his promise whenever anyone asks. We've all met folks like that,
haven't we?

We recently were promised that someone who objects to "winers" (I think the word he wants is winos)is leaving
in protest of the 820 emails dealing with Wingfoot. Lets see if he does.

BTW RnR and Wingfoot are not the same person as someone suggested. They do have some things in
common. They both fervently love this trail but sometimes express that love in ways that turn off
potential trail supporters.

Both for instance have had the temerity to tell me from time to time that I was wrong. Surely, no
one in this ultra friendly site would do that, would they?