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Re[2]: [at-l] I'm confused...

Weary wrote:

>BTW RnR and Wingfoot are not the same person as someone suggested.

This is a pretty definite statement offered without any explanation. 
Have you met RnR personally? Have you heard of him prior to his 
fairly recent appearance on this list? If he has posted to ATML, has 
he posted anywhere else? Have you seen him or heard of him hiking a 
trail? I'm really curious about the existence of this person. Anyone 

I recently did a dejanews search to see if this person posts to 
Usenet and found no hits. Wingfoot _does_ post to alt.rec.hiking, 
rec.outdoors.camping, rec.backcountry and several others. Rather he 
used to post to those areas but tapered off in the late '90's. This 
doesn't mean much except that if I found posts from RnR I would more 
likely believe he's a different individual, especially if he was 
posting to the same newsgroups. Of course I know that the lack of 
posts proves nothing.

What got my interest up is an eerie recognition of language that I 
remember from long conversations with Dan Bruce in '97, '98 
timeframe. Of course this is also possibly a coincidence.

btw, I'm not against anonymity on the 'net. I think this feature is 
very useful for those who wish to experiment with "different" online 
personalities. We, as readers, need to recognize this from time to 
time. We might not be all that we seem to be.

Arthur D. Gaudet         	"Is walking down called hiking, too?"
(RockDancer)  	                 -heard at the top of Mt Washington, NH