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[at-l] Trail Related; Tax Rebate

Hey Gang,

Many of us will be recieving a check from the US Government 
because of the decrease in income tax.  President Bush hopes 
that the refund will stimulate the economy.  Personally I do not 
need a new muffler for my car.  Instead I am going to invest it.  To 
achieve the tax reduction the government has cut funding to a 
number of social and enviromental programs.  I will be donating a 
large portion of the money to organizations that support the 
enviroment and social programs that I am interested in.  Some of 
this money will go to support local trail organizations as well as 
national organizations.  I would like to urge the members on this 
list to do the same.  Those nickles and dimes and dollars do add 

Grey Owl