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[at-l] Shenandoah National Park, Handicap Accessible Trail

This past week I was in NC attending two family reunions.  On the 
return trip (Up I-81) I took a side trip through SNP with the intention 
of hiking down to Gravel Springs Shelter with my wife.   I had spent 
some time at the shelter in 1962.  Unfortunately my wife had a bad 
knee and was unable to do the hike.  She asked a ranger at Big 
Meadows if there was an easy trail to hike and she recommended 
the Limberlost Trail at MP 43.  This is a 1.3 mile stroll through old 
growth hemlock forest (which is unfortunately dying).  The trail 
intersects several other trails and one can readily make a longer or 
shorter hike.  The real plus to this trail is that it is handicap 
accessible.  It is a wonderful trail and we saw a number of people 
pushing strollers and one gentleman in a wheel chair.  Though it 
would be impossible to call the area wilderness, it does give those 
with limited mobility and opportunity to enjoy nature.  It was a 
pleasant 30 minute walk for us.  There are many interesting trails in 
SNP besides the AT.  One ranger recommended that they be hiked 
in October when the leaves are changing (He also stated that it 
was the best time to hike the AT).

Grey Owl