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Wow, I've just "blocked" RnR.............Re: [at-l] Flame Response : Cliff

Blocking him allows an unchallenged stage. He has let us know that he
supports WF as a dictator and that community values are worthless. This
has nothing to do with traditionalism or purity or HYOH. This invites
surrender of the AT to stormtrooping Avery Moniters. He is a bully, far
worse than a troll. There is no point in our requesting definitions of
him, as he has none. He only has fanaticism, absolutely unrelated to
reality or reason. He supports no standards for the AT, only fanatical
criticism of everything non-WF approved.

We should not be weenies. We should hear this garbage and agree to
discuss real trail ethic and support the trail community. Leaving him
unchallenged my lead newbie refugees of TP to conclude he has
credibility. We need to hold our noses and simply acknowledge that
manure can improve as compost, but is still of fecal origin. Our
community is broad enough to tolerate some soil. Heck, we couldn't walk
without it.

But do not block him. Consider periodically sending a canned response
that acknowledges that more future compost has been delivered.


--- FurTrappers@webtv.net wrote:
> SlowBlocker writes;
> "I hereby block Rnr."
> Well, sloe, you lasted much longer then most of us!!
> Fur......

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