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[at-l] Flame Response :R&R

> Sir, you are a bully.
>     *** I almost take that as a complement. But I temper it with the fact
> that certain other AT*L residents are allowed to freely go off with very
> little comment from others. If I'm guilty of undercutting my points by
> descending to a lower level of debate, I apologize. I see, however, very
> little mention of the free for all of hacks permitted in response. This
> digresses badly though, you're right.

Actually, nothing -- for me anyway -- states the case for AT-L vs TP better
than this little paragraph.

R&R, YOU, along with all the others who subscribe to AT-L, are ALLOWED to
freely go off.

Most here take what what they like and leave the rest. Comment from others
remain IRRELEVANT to the "going off," indicating NOTHING at all about
opinions of those who do not wish to participate, since no one here suffers
from any OBLIGATION to contribute or even read a post.

At TP on the otherhand, the owner-dictator has little tolerance and actually
BANS people from his site for disagreeing with him or failing to respond to
his commands.

AT-L allows a "free for all" -- unlike TP.

Your vocabulary betrays your preference for "order" and "control" --  a
preference inimical to the free exchange of ideas or even to the honest
exchange of ideas; and it betrays the meritricity of your apology.