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[at-l] off topic, air conditioning

Several good ideas, thanks hikers! The dehumidifier idea gets into 
the problem of draining the liquid. I'm about 3 feet below grade in 
the room with the closet.
Two solutions I can think of:

Lift the dehumid unit up about 2 feet, and run a drain tube about 40 
feet to an exit point.

Acquire a pan & pump unit to lift the liquid 3 feet to a window, and 
out. They go for about $75, another electric device...

So far this is a big help, though, getting me to think outside the box.

This whole thing is reminding me of the summer of 1976. I had an 
apartment just outside Wash DC, and went away for 3 weeks to the 
Montreal Olympics (to watch). I carefully buttoned up the apartment, 
and shut off the a/c in order to save electricity (miser, I guess). 
Got back, a fine fur was covering most everything I owned. Especially 
thick on cardboard covers for lp records (hey! old folks -  remember 
them?), what a mess.

btw, last year I used a clorox/water wash for the entire apartment to 
clean up the mildew, it's not shown itself since. Smelled like a pool 
in here for awhile. So this is not a continuing problem, just 
preventive action.

As Sloe mentioned, I might choose to take the risk and rely on air 
circulation, rather than trying to keep the air dry artificially. I 
could unpack the closet, spread things around, crack all the windows, 
add a fan or two to keep things moving.

I hadn't thought about the air bubble problem, thanks Kahley. --RD '97

>If it was just hte closet, how about just leaving your closet open 
>and blow a fan into it to keep the air moving. That should prevent 
>the moisture from building up in there.
>The dehumidifier idea is a good one, too.  But leave the closet open 
>otherwise the moist air may get trapped in there anyway.