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At 10:46 PM 6/21/01 -0400, James P. Lynch wrote:
>These lighters seem pretty expensive at $7.95.  Does anyone have any
>details on them (weight, reliability).  They're refillable: what fuel do
>they use?  How long does a filling (how many ounces is a filling?) last?

Those must be a different model....the ones of which I spoke are disposable
$1.49.  Measure approx 1.25 in x 2.25 in x.25 in.  The are better because
they are engineered better, fit the hand better, have a smoooth action.  I do
wish they were transparent so you could monitor fuel usage but one of these
puppies would probably last to Maine for a one meal a day cooker.  Found
in cigarette shops and convenience marts, displayed on a counter card.
Usually available with a Harley Logo or in Neon Brights. Or in Red white and
blue in the summer.  I like the Neon Pink cause it makes it soooo easy to spot
in the leaves.  This is just the Mercedes of butane...a superior product.
One caution...I had one (out of dozens) give me a problem,  but the problem
was evident at the first use...it worked rough, like bics.  I took it back and
they gave me a new one and were shocked that there was a defective DJEEP.
Just give it a try before you by.  If it works then it will work 
always.  Good, i'd guess,
if fullish, to 25 degrees, on the first try, Below that temp or it it's 
more empty than full,
give it a minute in the mitten to warm up.  These lighter do have a kid button,
but it's well engineered and doesn't require dislocating your thumb to 
disable and
I think of it as a safety belt to keep something from depressing the lever and
letting the fuel leak out.  Not fool proof, but a little extra protection.
I'd offer to buy and send to all for cost, but they have to 'go' as 
hazardous material...sigh.