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[at-l] Flame Response : Cliff

In a message dated 6/19/01 4:37:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
chaynes@javanet.com writes:

<<  God man are you that insecure that you have to
 constantly have to keep carrying on. >>

    I'll go easy on you because, from your post, it is obvious you don't get 
very deep into Trail history or topics. All I can say is that this post 
perfectly finishes my points better than I could ever do because it accepts 
and professes the acceptable false information promoted on AT*L about WF's 
   If you credit the people who wrote the letters then why do you claim WF is 
taking all the credit? If the people using the e*form are the ones doing the 
work, why then would you have any problem with the process as you have 
claimed? I'm not saying this is a dumb post that misses all the points, but I 
will thank you for embodying exactly what I was saying so perfectly. Thank 

    As for the truth, I would like to know exactly how you arrived at that 
knowledge of Wingfoot's input other than simply repeating falsehoods that 
have already been refuted without response by the challengers who were pretty 
bold before but are now noticeably silent because "I have to keep carrying on 
and can't quit it?" Yeah right. On AT*L it is acceptable to do a direct flame 
or personal attack as long as you are pushing the truth off the screen away 
from where it can cause trouble. My posts were civil or at least respectfully 
living up to the heat of the debate. Your entry is simply a crude low blow 
from a person who probably can't meet the topic. The usual refuge for persons 
who can't adequately answer to the points.

    Too heavy for a campfire. Well, let's see, where would be a good place 
for this stuff and why is it needed???