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[at-l] butane lighters, was waterproof matches


Colibri used to make a pipe lighter shaped like a pen that would work well
for lighting a stove. The extra four inches was usually enough to keep your
fingers from getting burnt. I think I still have one upstairs in my dresser.

Actually, I think any lighter except a "child proof" BIC type would work
alright. The drawback of the BIC type lighters is that your fingers are at
the hot end of the lighter.

Lee I Joe

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> Question for the group: As a non-smoker I'm not aware of the
> variations and qualities of the different lighters out there. Is
> there a preferred unit? I know the little BIC served me well, but a
> lighter-afficionado once sneared at my choice and showed me another.
> I didn't notice the brand. How about a breakdown of those commonly
> available?