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[at-l] emergancy intervention was Colorado Trail

as we all know..counting days is normal...hours acceptable but seconds....
Counting seconds is a prime indicator for premature trailjactulation.
Please.anyone within driving distance of skeeter, hurry to his side and
pour gravel in his shoes to weigh him down.  Otherwise, as we have seen
before, the afflicted will swell up with excitement and be lost to the blowing
winds.  As dangerous as this is for most hikers, skeeter is downwind/east
of his intended trail and by the time he circumnavigates around to CO,
he'll be waaaaaay to weak to hike.

trail trivia....what was the name of feelix's prehike counterdowner?

At 11:00 AM 6/21/01 -0400, Mark Hudson wrote:
>9 days, 22 hours, and 29 minutes until the plane leaves for Colorado. Home
>tonight to put the last touches on the maildrops, so that I can at least
>get the early ones shipped. Some more training hikes over the weekend I
>hope, and one more week (more or less) stuck between the walls here at
>work. Think I'm excited about hitting the trail again? <VBG>
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