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[at-l] An Introduction & Apology

In a message dated 6/20/01 9:57:59 AM, gothicgirl69_us@yahoo.com writes:

<< I wish to make a public apology for my ignorance in computer etiquette.
My genuine apology to all of you, including the moderators! I truly regret, I 
am ashamed & embarrassed for ignorantly involving all of you. You truly are a 
wonderful family, that I had started to feel apart of. I hope you will be 
able to forgive me. >>

    There is nothing to forgive.  You have done everything correctly.  The 
most important rule to follow on using a mailing list is to contribute.  And 
that you have done in a "Tasteful Way".
    Thanks for the mini bio.  You seem to fit perfectly around this great 
campfire.  I'm looking forward to the contributions you will make to our 
continuing conversation.