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[at-l] Esbit Stoves

Hi Gang,
I'm home for a few days between hiking, Grand Canyon Raft Trip and North 
Woods Kayak trip. Since it's only a few days I still have my list mail turned 
off and have no knowledge of current topics (did learn of Maine Rose passing) 
or threads. But, knowing that we have several esbit fans and many "deal" fans 
thought I'd better pass this info along. While enjoying my morning coffee and 
watching the House Wren and Bluebird tidy up their houses and the various 
woodpeckers bicker over the suet feeder I was skimming the HQ catalog that 
was in the mail stack.

NOTE:  $7.97 for 2 Esbit stoves or $12.97 for 4 . Each with 12 fuel tabs. 
Fuel tabs are 36 for $3.97 
findem @ www.sportsmansguide.com
Item FX1M-38604 for 2 .... FX1M-49710 for 4 and FX1M-18428 for 36 fuel tabs.
There is also a FX1M-43246 for a 3 pk of "Esbit stove pouch" whatever that is.
I'm in trouble, seems like something I ought to buy even tho I have and Esbit 
& a TCSM and a whisperloud and a peak one self contained and who knows what 
I'm forgetting. Quick, somebody call me and keep me from having an Esbit to 
go with each of my tents, or a matching set of Esbits and sleep pads or an 
Esbit to go with each cook set. Help.
Hope everyone is having a great summer, I'll be back in a month or two.

Growing older is mandatory, Growing up is optional 

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