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[at-l] The Anatomy of Flame Wars

Excellent examples and formulation. Thank you for the compliment to use me 
in this example. I hope that my real world postings tend more toward "I 
statements" and other clear communications. I know that I am also 
frequently a jerk and an imbecile, like most other hikers and humans.

<and the same to _you_, buddy!>

At 10:54 AM 6/19/2001 -0400, Jim Mayer wrote:
>So, somewhere out there in netland, say Atlanta, Orangebug reads my post [by
>the way, Orangebug has nothing to do with this post... I'm just pretty sure
>that he'll get it and won't mind my using his name].  He is kind of tired
>and bummed out after a long day at work.  On top of that, he just read the
>weather forecast for the weekend... a tropical storm is going to dump twelve
>inches of rain right where he was planning to go hiking.  His trip is a