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[at-l] Wanchor Report Special Edition

Just got off the phone with Jon.  Not only did he not drown in the rain, he had a great treat Sunday night.  At Hwy 183 he had a crowd of trail angels awaiting his
arrival--Mark Erdman (Rainbow Slick) and Tree Pusher, of the Potato Buds AT 95, Mark's wife Becky, and a fellow named Craig who did the AT as a flip-flop in 98.  Mark
and Becky were only minutes back from taking their grandparents on a Shennandoahs vacation.  Craig, a scoutmaster, arrived prepared with an entire sampler platter of fine,cold beer.  They had a great time at an AYCE steakhouse nearby.  Jon was really glad to see old friends and meet new ones. 
Mark is finishing up his internship in podiatry--a profession partly prompted by his AT hike.  I think Mark said his original dream was to set up practice in a trail town someday. 

Jon also met Scott Burkman, a ridgerunner, at the hostel in Port Clinton.  The hostel is also connected with a motorcycle shop--strange combination, and Scott kind of runs the hostel. 

Now Jon is making arrangements to meet up around NYC with some old buddies from as far back as Viet Nam and his days in Europe.  Jon sounded rested--probably
because he slept in a bit in order to make the phone 
calls this morning.