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[at-l] Ethics and traditionalism.... a question.

Hello all.
I am 3 minutes away from leaving the office to tour power plants all day
in the 90* humidity that is the Indiana summer. Now, I haven't
participated yet in the whole traditionalism debate yet -- my loss -- but
I would wade in heavily on the side of a traditional throughhike
flag-waving.... and when posed "What *is* traditionalism?" I would point
at Ed Garvey as the icon. (I'm still amazed that the thread has skipped
right over this easy answer.....)

In any event, I face what could only be described as a serious
moral/ethical dilemma. I needed to wear boots this morning. I've worn my
hiking boots. My six pound, steel shanked, leather-lined,
Norweigian-welted mothers.

Is this right?

Thanks for your thoughts....

Spatior, Nitor, Nitor, In Nitor!

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