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[at-l] Re: Leah (windex) on the TODAY show

In a message dated 6/18/2001 1:21:02 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
sloetoe@yahoo.com writes:

> ### Glad you can say that, Sly. Ms. Windex, not a life-long hiker, got to
> watch her best friend and sister -- a physically and mentally active
> athlete/valedictorian type -- waste away and die, piece by piece over a
> two year period, from a disease that can't even be reliably diagnosed.
> IIRC, her sister was all of 19 years.

Hi Tom (used to be my brothers name), 

I thought I'd hear from you sooner or later, hope you had a good weekend.  

Now that you mention it I've had lots of motivation to hike, most of it over 
lost love ones that died of various physical and social diseases and if I 
thought about it, I probably could have picked from one of several charities 
to raise money for.  Without getting into specifics, I chose to hike the 
trail for an inner peace to deal with my own mental demons and not to 
publicize them. 

I won't say Leah's wrong in hiking the trail for a cause, but I do think she 
may have been better off raising money and awareness in a different way, 
taking the time it takes to thru-hike to build something lasting, such as a 
1st annual marathon with a few hundred or thousand other participants that 
have also had loses, also helping raise money and awareness.  

Prior to when I started hiking ('97) I did put on more than several events to 
raise money for various charities, some for the dead and others for the 
living, but when I hike, it's all for myself.  

Anyway, I wish Leah the best in her endeavors and hope she finds 


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