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[at-l] Wanchor/Rain in PA

Having seen the scary flimclips of flooding in Philly this weekend, would anyone care to speculate whether or not I'll hear from Wanchor/Jon today?  

He should have pulled out of the Dirty Doyle in the late afternoon Friday, June 15.  He allowed 3 days for the 70 miles from Duncannon to Port Clinton, and should be calling today--unless he's now floating his way to the Atlantic or unless he holed up in a shelter for a while.

Is anyone close to the trail in this area?  How much rain did you get?  What's the condition of streams in the area?

Jon admits to being a weather whimp.  On previous hikes he'd often spend an entire day in his tent if it was raining hard.  However, he's been so driven on this hike I'm worrying that he tried to push on and attempted some rushing river.   

I'm sharing this slight angst partly to let the future hikers and future hometeams know the kind of things that can worry those at home.  I keep reminding myself that Jon was 20 years a Green Beret; he knows how to take care of himself.  Then I remember the big scar on his leg he got trying to cross a river on the PCT.  Even he admits he came close to drowning.

No, this is certainly NOT the most worried I've ever been (two days overdue on the PCT would be that one), but I'm fretting just the same.

Joan--who sometimes borrows trouble