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[at-l] Strange happenings

As I was perusing the contents of my hard drive here at work, I noticed a
folder named "Avery Wizard" that I can't recall seeing before. Contained in
that folder is a series of small programs with names like averywiz.gid and
averywiz.cnt and one file named readme.txt containing the following:

>Avery offices worldwide are listed in the Avery Wizard's online help. Use
>Windows 95 Start menu to select Programs, Avery Monitors, and then Avery
>Wizard Help.

>Included in these programs are a series of spells and incantations useful in
>implementing remote viewing in order to monitor thru-hikers, thruhiking and
>related activity on the Appalachian Trail.  Please be aware that this
>software is capable of monitoring and does monitor the use of these spells
>and incantations and reports the results directly to the Grand PooBaa in
>Hot Springs, North Carolina

>You can uninstall the Avery Wizard. On the Start menu, choose Settings,
>then Control Panel. Double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon, select
>Avery Wizard 1.1 for Microsoft Word 97, then click Add/Remove.  Be warned
>however that doing so will cause you to be removed from ATML and will in
>certain cases cause complete and total erasure of your hard drive.

Since I want nothing of this nature on my machine, I am going attempt the uninsta