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[at-l] No Further Recipes Will Be Posted

Are you kidding?  I thought the recipes were great and innovative.  Please
post more from time to time.


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Subject: [at-l] No Further Recipes Will Be Posted

> Linda wrote:
> >I'm sorry if my posting of recipes has offended any readers for any
> >whatever reason(s).
> Linda -
> I don't know who's been playing "nasty" off-list, but if it's not done "on
> the list", you shouldn't take it seriously.  We're on all three lists so
> get the recipes 3 times - and we don't object.  In fact, we appreciate
> efforts.  Your recipes are, frankly, more useful than anything I've
> in the last month.  Please don't stop now.
> Walk softly,
> Jim
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