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[at-l] Pinnacccles of Dan and other history

NO that is the wrong dam.

	The trail to the Pinnacles of Dan ran from Meadows of Dan area, through
the Pinnacles, then through the lovers leap area (highway 58) and along
to where the Blue Ridge Parkway is now, towards Roanoke, VA. This is
actually in the RATC section. NBATC sometimes does a hike there,
sometimes with RATC.
	The wooden pipe is maybe 6 feet in diameter (warning from memory) that
runs from one of the dams for more than a mile along the canyon wall.
One place it crosses on a trestle high above the river. YOu can walk to
this area, even cross the trestle if you dare!
	The Lynchburg Reservoir is in the NBATC 88 mile section. The AT is
being relocated off the Lynchburg property that contains a foot bridge
in a deterioting condition. The bridge crosses the outflow and is just
below the dam.
	I will keep an eye on the RATC and NBATC news letters. I will announce
the date when a Hike is planned there. Tomorrow NBATC hikes the Piney
Ridge trail to the AT. This is one of my favorite areas. You can make a
great loop back across the Foot Bridge over the James River.


Orange Bug wrote:
> I didn't find reference to that on the NATBC site, but that was fun to
> visit. They seem to have some very neat group walks.
> The pipe you refer to - I know that Lynchburg's Pedlar Reservoir (trail
> is getting relocated away from it) had a large wooden pipe - at least
> in the early years to serve Lynchburg. Is that what you are meaning?
> With fond remembrances of Punchbowl to RFG 10/99, wondering what I
> missed when I enjoyed the falls and blue blazed Mau Har Trail.
> OB
> --- Chase Davidson <wb4pan@mindspring.com> wrote:
> > The canyon also has a neat man made object. A large wooden pipe that
> > carries water from the dam, along the canyon wall then down to the
> > small
> > power plant in Kibler Valley. This is the beginning of the Dan River.
> >
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