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[at-l] Surrender

I surrender.  No, I'm not convinced by R&R , just tired of a conversation 
that is going only one way.  I've been in the human services field for 26+ 
years and one of the things you are taught in this work is listening skills 
or in the case of written correspondence reading skills.  In both cases it 
means that you make a concerted effort to hear and understand what the 
other person is really trying to say.  It involves asking relevant 
questions to clarify your understanding.  You can't carry on a meaningful 
discussion if you don't understand what the other guy is really saying.

I've read thoroughly *all* of R&R's posts on traditionalism.  I've also 
tried to be clear so he would understand me as well.  I am forced to 
conclude that although I'm listening he isn't.  He responds to segments of 
posts out of context and in a manner that clearly indicate that he did not 
have a clue what I was saying (or care?), he was merely looking for the 
next opportunity to drive home another point from his preformed 
ideology.  In other words, he doesn't want discussion, he wants a pulpit 
from which to sermonize to the masses who dutifully listen and repent their 
sins.   I refuse to play his game further.  It's a waste of my time.  Time 
for the <DELETE> key.