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[at-l] Fools Cap (was Burying rocks)

OB wrote:
>Oh come on! Why not let us know how you really feel about this?
><thinking that these threads have seen some excellent essays on trail 
>ethic, just not much of a real discussion>

Well, I'll tell you, Bill - I don't think I could afford you on a 
professional basis.   :-)

Seriously (really???) -  Ginny's been reminding me for a while now that 
those who argue with fools become fools.  So --- I have one slightly used 
(OK - well-used) Fool's Cap for anyone who wants it. Whoever wants it can 
pick it up right at their own keyboard.  It's free - no postage necessary.  
But it's not returnable.  :-)

Walk softly,

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