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[at-l] SW Virginia - Rhododenderons?


I don't know about SW VA, but the rhododendron are blooming now at Carver
Gap and Roan Mountain.  The State Park folks there say that they will peak
in about a week.  The higher elevations of Roan suggests you'll be in good
shape in SW VA this weekend.  Hope this helps.


On Thu, 14 Jun 2001 21:35:59 -0400, DP Dusenbury wrote:

>  Hi, just signed back up on the AT-L, been gone a _long_ while.
>  We are planning to go on the AT this weekend, to catch the rhododenderons
>  in SW Virginia, if it's not too early or late.  Can anybody give me an
>  of the status of the rhododenderon right now?  We usually get lucky and
>  catch a good blooming at Rhododenderon Gap near Grayson Highlands SP
>  the middle of June, but I figure it would be good to check the list.
>  Thanks for the input,
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