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[at-l] Dee Update

I can't thank you enough for Dee. The outpouring of good wishes and offers of 
equipment have been wonderful, almost overwhelming. I just talked with her 
for quite a while. She is still planning on running the Mt. Washington Road 
Race on Saturday and can hopefully channel her anger to a PR. 

As far as equipment goes, Belcher kindly offered to loan out her Gossamer 
poles and ground cloth  - not sure if Dee is ready for that! We figure it 
will be the tamest hike those poles have ever seen ;-)  I have asked Tin Can 
Stove Man to send another stove, Sloetoe is re-creating his Christmas present 
and so many others have helped. Sounds like I am giving an Emmy speech. 

I just wanted to say thank you. THIS is what the trail and AT-L is all about. 
Not the other whiney stuff. THIS. The first time she called this morning she 
was upset and didn't really know what she was going to do about gear, etc. I 
said , "Don't worry - whatever it turns out you need, we will get it. I'll 
just post it to the list and they will help with whatever we need them to."  
It's nice to be proven right but nicer to know you have a community you can 
depend on when you really need to, and trust me, she really NEEDS to do this 

Thanks again.

(Mrs. Gorp - I seem to have misplaced your address and number in my move - 
could you send it to me so I can get it to Dee since she no longer has her AT 
journal or her address list?)

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