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[at-l] New Year's Ruckus?

I am not sure that NOC is all that easy for us Georgians to get to. Goose 
Creek is at least democratically difficult for everyone, but near the 
trail. Springer has a couple of options with the Lodge and new Len Foote 
Inn. Fontana has looked interesting to me, but I suspect we would be 
swallowed alive in the emptiness at that time of year. RSC might be a good 
idea, especially after the recent exchanges and with learning Jasnine is a 
lister. Franklin has a few spots that are attractive, as well as the 
Hiawassee HI. Tremont in the Smokies is very nice, but really most 
available via East TN. Maybe we could reserve the World Congress Center and 
attract a few thousand for a laid back weekend - call it the SupeRUCK!


At 05:51 PM 6/14/2001 -0400, KarenS62@aol.com wrote:
>Southern Ruck works for me - Goose Creek is always a good place and handy 
>because you can cook, but perhaps NOC or someplace else would be easier to 
>get to for some? Since Orange Bug reluctantly (but very succesfully from 
>what I have heard) organized last year's, I would be happy to take on the 
>chores for Super Bowl weekend '02 if he is ready to give up that role. It 
>would be good to know a bit further ahead of time to plan. So yes Lynn, I 
>guess you can probably plan on "something" going on in the SE on that weekend.