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[at-l] remotely trail related

Humor from Vcat:
"I saw a great cartoon in a magazine recently. The setting is in the 
mountains. A cab-over camper is stopped in the middle of the road--mountain 
peaks in the background. The man is out on the road with a map in his hands. 
He is obviously a tourist with shorts and plaid shirt and a straw hat. His 
wife is leaning anxiously out the window. 
To his right is a path with a sign: "Appalachian Trail." A thru hiker with a 
bushy beard, pack, walking stick, and a seasoned look is walking down the 
He has a big grin on his face.
The caption is the man giving his wife the hiker's reply to the question of 
where they are: "He said we were within walking distance of Maine and 
Thanks, Vcat! Reminds me of a register entry at Katahdin last fall by a 
finishing thruhiker- "Everything is in walking distance if you have enough 

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